Internal Kung Fu : Slow work produces detail and quality goods.
Tai Chi classics : " Miss by an inch, miss by a thousand miles ”
Traditional Tai Chi Chuan : The authentic art is internal - feel the difference.
Master Ding Academy

The Academy was established to preserve and promote authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. We teach the traditional Chinese art passed down through the Yang Style lineage, from its founder, Yang Lu Chan to the present day.

As a member, you will benefit from the unique skills of Master Ding and his instructors, who all work hard to make learning traditional Tai Chi Chuan effective and fun. Beginners and experienced practitioners are all welcome !

A natural way to nurture, strengthen and harmonise body, mind & spirit.

Master Ding follows a traditional approach to passing on the authentic Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan. The emphasis is on building health, power and an understanding of internal energy through the study of Tai Chi Chuan’s concepts and principles.

Centralising Chi ( Vital Energy)

The words “Chi Kung” is used to harness and focus our internal energy.
Made up of two Chinese characters, namely ‘Chi’ and ‘Kung’. Whilst the literal translation of ‘Chi’ is life energy, force or breath, the meaning behind ‘Kung’ is far less obscure and is usually used to represent work and the work place. Thus together the words Chi Kung can be literally and accurately taken to mean a system that works with Chi.

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Circulating Chi

Apart from Chi Kung, we also used various form practices as a system of meditation. When a form is performed accurately, it radiates an image of perpetual motion within a circular frame. Practitioners are deeply engaged with their practice, unwavered by any distractions and are in a state of moving meditation – mind, body and spirit in perfect balance and harmony.

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Applied Chi

This state of mind is also very important in martial applications of Tai Chi Chuan, thus enabling one to achieve the apparent paradox of effortlessness and tremendously power simultaneously. 

The words Tai Chi Chuan literally translated mean,

 “The supreme ultimate fist”.

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A journey of thousand miles start with a first step.

Classes : Days and Evenings

If you expect a lot from Tai Chi Chuan, so do we !
Now is the best time !

No fuss or secrets here. At the start we’ll guide you to experience and feel Chi – internal energy -. Also to be able to express Chi.
Tai Chi is an internal art where softness overcomes hardness.
At an ultimate stage, hardness is softness.
We believe in developing a friendly supportive learning environment in our classes. They are open to all to all levels.

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Master Ding visits many European cities for long weekends of open workshops and closed Instructor sessions.

Open sessions are available to all to attend. These offer an opportunity to experience traditional Tai Chi Chuan with a lineage holder of the ancient Chinese art. Check the calendar, book your place

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In workshops, we focus on Tai Chi principles at the core of the true internal art and their application within the form. An annual diary of workshops is published at the beginning of the year. Attending any of these will help you further your understanding and improve your Tai Chi skills. These are open to members and non-members. 

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Instructor development

An academy is only as good as the teaching it offers. MDA Instructors undergo continuous personal development to ensure they are not only continuing to build on their own Tai Chi skills but are also refining their teaching approach so that students will benefit.

Contact MDA HQ for more details about our instructor training programme:

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Private Group and bespoke work

Interested in running a closed class for your staff in your company or organisation? A dedicated group class can help:

  • improve team effectiveness through improved interpersonal communication and group awareness
  • realise the potential of your team

Group facilitators are available.

 – CONTACT US – to discuss your requirements.

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Private lessons

One-to-one tuition is available on request.

Available in class or at your own home, within Brussels. Please get in touch for further details.

 – CONTACT US – to discuss your requirements.

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Residential retreats

Open to all levels and also other styles of martial arts practitioners.

1- Instructors retreat (for MDA members only) : March or April

2- Summer retreat open to all : August

3- Winter retreat : open to all : December

Lovely location i.e. Princess Helena College, Preston, Hertfordshire. This establishment has over 150 year’s history. They are set in a stunning, large and beautifully spacious acres site with unrivalled facilities including numerous fine buildings. In addition, the college within easy reach of central London and is handily placed for access to airports, road and rail links. Given the location, architecture, gardens and parkland, this venue will undoubtedly provide an ideal setting for our usual Tai Chi Chuan training.

A rare opportunity to study under Master Ding – a chance not to be missed by any one seeking to further their understanding and improve their standards in this fascinating ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan. As is said in the Tai Chi classics,

“The subtlety of Tai Chi Chuan is such that a small error in the
beginning will take you a long way from the end goal”.

In addition, the week will enable you to take time out of your normal busy routine to relax, energise and bring about the harmony and balance to the mind, body and spirit. There will undoubtedly be lots of fun and a chance to meet and make new friends with the same interest.

Tai Chi Chuan Master Class at the MDA Open Residential Retreats
During your week’s stay, Master Ding, 6th Generation Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan together with his experienced instructors, will be covering a broad spectrum of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

The course will include – Meditation, Chi Kung, Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Posture Testing, Essential Tai Chi Principles and Concepts, Pushing Hands, Ta Lu, Self-defence applications and much more. In addition, there is hands-on tuition with plenty of opportunity for questions.

This residential course is packed with different aspects of training and will undoubtedly provide you with a deeper understanding and insight into the Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. 


People start Tai Chi Chuan for all sorts of reasons – from meeting new people to keeping fit. We support all students in whatever their endeavours may be and welcome everyone whatever their religious background. There are no religious connotations to what we offer at Master Ding Academy

Learning in the traditional way means following the methods passed down by the Yang family masters. The benefits and rewards are enormous for those who continue on the journey. Health aspects and martial skill are explored in your practice, through testing your understanding of the tai chi principles. It is this facet which allows much faster development

Of the thousands of people who take up Tai Chi, only a few will actually develop enough skill to teach, and fewer still have the ability to truly demonstrate the Tai Chi principles, expressing Tai Chi’s legendary softness. Master Ding is fully committed to transmitting this art to those who continue to work and improve the quality of their Tai Chi. All MDA’s instructors are regularly assessed to ensure that they maintain the high standard expected. Further, Master Ding is accessible to students and instructors through workshops, seminars and retreats.

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